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PLZT Photonics  

The PLZT photonics are powerful tool to process optical signal at nano-second speed with low polarization dependence.
Thanks to its excellent electro-optic properties, novel fabrication process, and efficient device structure. EpiPhotonics' unique PLZT waveguide technology enables a new generation of efficient and ultra-fast photonics with potent advantages such as;
  • Ultra-fast switching (10 ns)
  • Scalability (1x1~1x16 ports and 2x2~8x8 ports)
  • Bidirectional (i.e. works as 1x2 and 2x1)
  • TTL control (in a driver board version)
  • Low power consumption
In addition, the PLZT products are very reliable and environmentally stable. The crystal structure of our PLZT materials and the fact that our optical switches have absolutely no moving parts guarantee high reliability and stability.
  • High reliability (high-power laser admissive)
  • Environmentally stable
How it works
A full system includes a MMI-MZ PLZT optical switch module mounted on a high-speed switch driver equipped with a FPGA controller. The controller communicates with a PC via a serial cable and gives TTL signals to the switch driver. The switch driver gives optimized high-speed voltages to the switch module. Users may give TTL signals from their own FPGA or multichannel pulse generator via parallel cables without the controller.

EpiPhotonics' high-speed and low-power consumption products provide the key differentiators for many optical switching applications such as;
  • Optical packet switching (OPS)
  • Optical burst switching (OBS)
  • On-demand ROADM
  • On-demand crossconnects
  • Switched optical access networks
  • Optical interconnections (data center networks, server backplanes)
  • High-speed protections
  • Switched delay lines (phased array antennas, optical buffering)

Brief Product Brochure

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