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ARRAYED High-Speed VOA  

Ultra-Fast PLZT VOAs

The PLZT variable optical attenuator (VOA) can control optical signal power at nano-second speed suitable for EDFA transient/surge suppression, burst receiver dynamic range enhancement, analog signal modulation, and power control in optical networks.

VOA Channels  P/N  Major specifications  
 1CH EPV0101S Operating wavelength
Attenuation speed
Attenuation range
Insertion loss
1550 nm (C-band)
20 ns typ
20 dB typ
4.0 dB typ
0.3 dB typ
(@no attenuation)
 2CH EPV0101D
 4CH  to be released

The PLZT high-speed and low-power consumption VOAs provide the key differentiators for many optical applications such as;
  • Optical transit/surge suppression
  • Channel blocking/limiting
  • Optical power control
  • Channel power equalization
  • Analog optical signal modulation

<Ordering Information>

Ports P/N Fiber Connector Package
 1CH  EPV0101S SM
No connector=NC
 2CH  EPV0101D

(P/N ExampleF@EPV0101-SM-SP-M)

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