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EpiPhotonics conducts full range of processes starting from device design, PZT and PLZT thin film wafer fabrication in its own clean room, packaging, and testing.
  • Design: Simulators, CAD.
  • Thin film deposition: RTA, Sputtering, E-beam deposition, etc.
  • Microfabrication: Spinner, Aligner, Baking truck, Asher, Dry etcher, etc.
  • Post wafer: Dicer, Polisher, Wire bonder, Fiber aligner, etc.
  • Testing: Switching curve, IL, PDL, RL, WDL, etc..

PZT/PLZT Deposition and Microfabrication

EpiPhotonics is the expert of oxide thin-film technology including PZT/PLZT devices. EpiPhotonics provides high quality PZT and PLZT thin films based on its unique chemical solution deposition technology for photonics and piezoelectrics/MEMS, and microfbrication of PZT/PLZT thin films.

  • PZT thin film deposition (1 um-3 um) on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si wafers for piezoelectrics/MEMS
  • PLZT waveguide deposition (3 um-8 um) on single crystal oxide wafers
  • Micro-patterning of PZT/PLZT
  • Metal layer deposition (Pt, Au, Ti, Cr, ITO) and patterning

Example of epitaxial PZT thin film: cross section and etched pattern (SEM)

Dicing and Polishing
EpiPhotonics dices waveguide wafers and polishes waveguide end faces.

EpiPhotonics aligns and connects optical fibers to polished waveguides.

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