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High-Speed CUSTOM PLZT Photonics  

Ultra-Fast Tunable Wavelength Filter

The PLZT tunable wavelength filter is a AWG based device with control electrodes on arrayed waveguides to select a wavelength at twenty nano-second speed. The filter is essential for packet wavelength routing networks

 Device P/N Major specifications 
 Tunable wavelength filter
(Tunable AWG)
Custom made  8~1 Wavelength selective filter
Switching speed ~20 ns

PLZT Optical Beam Deflector

The PLZT optical beam deflector is equipped with prism electrodes which steers optical beam at large angles at high frequencies. The deflector would be useful for 3D sensing, optical switching, wide band tunable filter, image/data processing, and other applications.

 Device P/N Major specifications 
(Beam scanner)
Custom made  Deflection angle ~}3 deg @20V
Deflection frequency ~ 25 MHz

EpiPhotonics supplies its standard products portfolio and also customized products tailored to customers' specific requirements.

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